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Rocks are awesome

I wanted to do a kind of special mention for you guys. Let’s say a thank you post as you people are what makes it worth.
Lately I’ve been walking a lot and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this fellow pilgrim and she started saying how she liked rocks.
Normally they don’t really mean anything to me, they’re just there while these days I’ve been walking on rocks and stones A LOT and a deep hate started to develop so I was kinda curious.
Then she goes starting to describe them from a different point of view, if you grab a rock that’s it, it’s just a simple and plain rock whereas if you pick it up and let’s say clean it it literally shows as a different rock, more colours more details and so on.
Not only that, just by touching it you added something to it’s composition and you literally changed the course of his existence radically, just imagine if you would throw it or just put it somewhere else, it will never be the same.
We can say it for many things but gonna stick to rocks as I’m the one who choose.
If we see this way rocks are kind of amazing, real badass.
Using this metaphor as we, people, are basically just like rocks. Every time we come in contact with someone else they give something to us being it good or bad. On the other side when you meet someone you see just something but the more effort you put towards them the more they show to you.
Wanted to say a thank you as people keep surprising me and keep making me richer, you keep making it worth.
In my case the Camino is nice itself but is made nicer by the people on the way but from a general point of view, you guys, are what makes life a travel worth living.

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The Walking Man

It actually feels like it’s been ages since the last post but whatever, part of the reason is because I was completely focussed on organising this trip.
I believe everyone knows what the Santiago pilgrimage is and that’s what I’m doing.
It took a shitload of effort to plan and is gonna take the same effort to “complete”.
So here I am after just one day, I’ll probably write a lot more about the pulgrimage itself once i’ve finished it but for now there’s space only for my personal thoughts.
I keep wondering what am I really looking for but I have literally no clue.
I guess I’m looking for lots of things and absolutely nothing at the same time.
To be honest I’m always been the running type of guy, never the walking type but this time is different, always liked challenging myself and this is huge. It’s not just walking/trekking, there’s meaning behind it and, not today, but it’s supposed to be in beautiful places.
Something I’m really curious, and scared at the same time, to see is how I’ll come back, what will I be thinking?

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My so-called Luck

I was talking with some friends last night, not close friends, mostly the kind of friends you see once in a while and have those “cheap talks”.
I haven’t actually saw them for over a year and a half due to me being abroad and we were talking about what we were up to. I spent an year-ish in London and now I’m planning to do a pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain and, once again, I got told I’m very lucky to be able to travel or cause I’ve been given all these possibilities and, once again, I was left confused by this statement but even more I was amazed by how often I receive these kind of comments.
It’s quite annoying as I’m not really a lucky guy nor I’ve got a crazy opportunity to move to London, I just wanted to do it really badly. I finished school and after a few months I decided I didn`t wanna stay in Italy any longer so bought a one way flight for the city I always loved.
Just to make it clear, I didn’t have any connection, my English was just ok and I’m a really shy and easily scared guy.
I was terrified but that’s what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be.
While I was there I kept pushing forward, putting lots of effort in everything, like meeting people or finding a job, it hadn’t been easy but in the end it worked. Meanwhile I started thinking what I wanted to do after and I came up with the idea of the pilgrimage, short summary is basically a famous “walk” which is gonna take roughly 30 days, so I quit the job and came back home to “get ready”.
All of this just to say that nothing came free or easy, I just like it and yes staying home with my family and finding a job there would be way much easier but that’s not what I’m looking for.
What I can agree on is only that I`m gratefull for having a rather supportive family, not even talking about money, just happy that I want to travel and fine by not having me around.