Rocks are awesome

I wanted to do a kind of special mention for you guys. Let's say a thank you post as you people are what makes it worth. Lately I've been walking a lot and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this fellow pilgrim and she started saying how she liked rocks. Normally they don't... Continue Reading →


The Walking Man

It actually feels like it's been ages since the last post but whatever, part of the reason is because I was completely focussed on organising this trip. I believe everyone knows what the Santiago pilgrimage is and that's what I'm doing. It took a shitload of effort to plan and is gonna take the same... Continue Reading →

My so-called Luck

I was talking with some friends last night, not close friends, mostly the kind of friends you see once in a while and have those "cheap talks". I haven't actually saw them for over a year and a half due to me being abroad and we were talking about what we were up to. I... Continue Reading →

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