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Motivational monday #2

Here I am again, and jumping right in today’s quote is:

There is greatness within you,
You just need to find it

This one come from my little brother, I have no idea where did he read it but I always tried to push him towards the “right choices”, I had just lost the job and out of nowhere he wrote me a message, it felt good. Realising he is actually not like the others was super nice.
The phrase is nice but the way I see it within all of us there is potential.
And hey, I’m not talking about the usual “scholastic phrase” teachers tell parents “your son has potential but he doens’t put effort in it”, I’m talking real potential, potential to be a good person, kind and with a good earth.
Everyone has the possibilities to have an impact on something.
Tho, not always is visible, sometimes is deeper down and harder to find but still there.
So for this week once again, get the fuck out of your comfort zone, reach your “limits” and get past them.
Life’s too short to not be lived at it’s fullest.

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The curse of the “comfort zone”

I travel cause I love it.

Always liked it but a while back, like 1 year ago ish, I`ve been asked why I travel. If it was cause I liked it, cause I wanted it or maybe cause I was running away and honestly I was kinda scared.
Fairly young and like a proper young metalhead I never really talked with my family, just the essential, never really felt comfortable with my family and my dream has always been to move to London for a little bit and so I did.
Loved it but then I met this person and she got me thinking a lot, did I really loved travelling and going places or was I just escaping, running away from my family and the “difficulties” of stayin home?

I needed to know, I needed to find the truth.

Honestly wasn`t really sure so when the time to return home I was worried cause for real I`ve never been the talkative or easy going guy. At first was hard, it took time but I was already organizing the next one month trip so it got easier.

During the trip I thought, A LOT! and I slowly reached a conclusion. I`m not running from anything, I`m not the classical 22 years old that inspires security/maturity to the family so there`s a lot of “fighting” with my mum and it`s fine like this, we still love each other anyway and always will.
On the other side travelling is priceless, the feeling of going out from an airport is too good to give that up. Personally I found that I like myself way more when I`m on the move, both moving or abroad. I finally like myself but when I`m out of my comfort zone, when I have to put effort in meeting people and living I become a way nicer person.
Gotta be honest, it takes a little bit to “get used” to it but hey baby, I`m super stubborn and when I make up my mind there is no changing, keep going and going.
I`m not running from anything, there`s no point in that, I travel cause is nice, cause the world is too vast and filled with awesome people.
I`m travelling cause everytime I get back I feel richer inside, I could totally stay home all my life and get a stable life, I just find the idea really disturbing and dumb!

Just travel for the sake of travelling.

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Motivational monday #1

In the attempt to get the blog a “stable” thing here’s the idea.
I’m going to motivate myself and whoever is gonna read it with a different quote and what it means to me every monday.
As the first quote it’s only fair I’m using the first one which really meant something to me and made start thinking.

Are you doing your best to be your best?

I first read this quote a couple of years ago and I still really like it, my objective, what keeps pushing me is the desire to be better, nothing in particular, just being a better persone.
Trying to find things you don’t like about yourself and doing your best to change them.
Are you doing your best, being completely honest with yourself are you putting lots of effort/energy in living your days?
And I don’t mean just living, noone is perfect and there’s always lots of room for improvement, when you go to sleep at night are you feeling satisfied? Cause if not you should ask yourself some questions.
So here’s a task for you reading this, you can start by small things but examine yourself, find something you don’t like and try to improve it.
Stating the obvious but even if it takes a lot of effort the feeling afterwards is priceless.
If you feel like it I’d be really curious to know about it, let me know!
And come back next monday for more inspirational stuff, till the next time.

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Bad guys

Today I wasn’t really feeling nice while walking so I sat down for a little while and after a little bit a big group of scholars passed by and most of them were staring at me confused. A girl especially was even covering her mouth in shock. Just to clarify as many may think it was not cause I stank.

And for the first time in a very very long time I thought wtf I’m not the bad guy, why they staring? I do not speak Spanish but I managed to understand and it was all about my septum which for once was visible. After this little experience what I thought hit me like a train, I’m not the bad guy, I’m actually nice!

I probably may look like one but that doesn’t make me one, I spent way to much time thinking and pretending I was the bad/though guy for reasons still unknown that I convinced my subconscious that I was.

And of course there’s always been something wrong or something that didn’t click, I spent most of my time thinking and pretending to be someone I actually wasn’t.

This is totally outside my comfort zone but I’m nice, fuck you doubters!

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´╗┐Music abstinence┬á

You know what’s wrong? The whole fucking idea “I’m not gonna listen to music for a month” is wrong. I mean, what the hell I was thinking? 

In my case it’s like tryin to spend a month with a missing limb, of course it doesn’t feel right! Just imagine walking around with a missing arm, people all around you happily asking how’s life and you going like “oh y’know my arm is on holiday for a month but life’s great so far”.

Reason is I was curious to see how I would’ve coped with stuff and answer is I don’t.

I don’t listen to music cause I need to, I listen to it cause I want to. I listen to music cause life is to weird to be spent without a soundtrack. I listen to music cause it makes me feel good and and helps me remember because music itself is nice but when it has memories it literally jump to another level. Many people asked me why I love music this much, cause why not?

I listen to music because I love it and it keeps me alive. There’s a video I love where after a while there’s a girl which goes:

Some people believe in god I believe in music. Some people pray, I turn up the radio.

And you know what, if I wanna spend 6 hours a day doing it you can bet your ass off imma do it.