Motivational monday #2

Here I am again, and jumping right in today's quote is: There is greatness within you, You just need to find it This one come from my little brother, I have no idea where did he read it but I always tried to push him towards the "right choices", I had just lost the job... Continue Reading →


The curse of the “comfort zone”

I travel cause I love it. Always liked it but a while back, like 1 year ago ish, I`ve been asked why I travel. If it was cause I liked it, cause I wanted it or maybe cause I was running away and honestly I was kinda scared. Fairly young and like a proper young... Continue Reading →

Motivational monday #1

In the attempt to get the blog a "stable" thing here's the idea. I'm going to motivate myself and whoever is gonna read it with a different quote and what it means to me every monday. As the first quote it's only fair I'm using the first one which really meant something to me and... Continue Reading →

Bad guys

Today I wasn't really feeling nice while walking so I sat down for a little while and after a little bit a big group of scholars passed by and most of them were staring at me confused. A girl especially was even covering her mouth in shock. Just to clarify as many may think it... Continue Reading →

Music abstinence 

You know what's wrong? The whole fucking idea "I'm not gonna listen to music for a month" is wrong. I mean, what the hell I was thinking?  In my case it's like tryin to spend a month with a missing limb, of course it doesn't feel right! Just imagine walking around with a missing arm,... Continue Reading →

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