The curse of the “comfort zone”

I travel cause I love it. Always liked it but a while back, like 1 year ago ish, I`ve been asked why I travel. If it was cause I liked it, cause I wanted it or maybe cause I was running away and honestly I was kinda scared. Fairly young and like a proper young... Continue Reading →

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Rocks are awesome

I wanted to do a kind of special mention for you guys. Let's say a thank you post as you people are what makes it worth. Lately I've been walking a lot and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this fellow pilgrim and she started saying how she liked rocks. Normally they don't... Continue Reading →

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Beach thoughts

It's unreal realizing it's already been over a year since I came to this place, time absolutely flies here but not in a bad way. Every day is pretty much beach, work, drink, repeat; might still be a routine but to be fair, it's the best routine I've been in so far. It's kinda sad... Continue Reading →

Still standing

It's been such a long time I don't even know where to start so I'm just gonna jump straight in. Last week I went running and today I went training, I still feel dead and it made me realize I hadn't done something similar in such a long time. Haven't really paid attention to myself... Continue Reading →

Slowly and steady

I like this place. There is no other way to really put it. Before coming here I tried to not have any expectations at all, these are Canary island after all but I really tried to not expect anything like "let`s go and see what happenes". After my experience in London I was a bit... Continue Reading →

I am Alby

One of the main reason why I left home this time is because me and my girlfriend decided not to be together anymore and one of,my, main reason was because I was struggling to find an "identity" back home. When I was in London I was Alby the receptionist, Alby they guy who would go... Continue Reading →

There is this person I really care about and I guess the easier way to put it is that sometimes we bashed our heads, I know this is more than normal but I didn`t fully "comprehend" it. It just hit me, like 10 minutes ago, so I`m still in the middle of it but for... Continue Reading →

Sunday life update

Just a casual life update because I`m, as usual, super bad at organising stuff! Writing is something I really enjoy, when I have lots of free time it gets fairly easy but as soon as I get a little busier it just becomes something I don`t really think about. I`m still living and helping in... Continue Reading →

Climbing icebergs

This one is going to be a weird and really short post but hey, I'm the boss here! So there is this thing, we will call it "the iceberg" for now, which I kind of always liked but I've never been able to do it, it's always been like "oh yes that would be nice,... Continue Reading →

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