Welcome to my blog, I’m a young boy who loves to travel and meet people.
Every single person has a story, something to tell and that’s what, I believe, makes us richer.
I don’t really like to call it “my blog” I’d rather say it’s like a window to my mind, always had problem expressing my feeling and I`m finding this way easier and really enjoyable. Haven`t studied writing nor I`m a big fan of second reading so what you`ll find here is just the way I thought it straight out of my mind.
There`s a few expressions I really love, among them the title of this blog “Memories of a daydreamer”, I`m a daydreamer, a hopeless one as I still believe and hope, and I was in need of a place to “gather” them so here we are.
I believe sometimes we just need someone telling us everything is fine and what we`re doing is good and if I`ll be able to be that person for even just one of you well, it was worth it in the end.
P.S. I also love music more than anything so you`ll probably find some general recommendations every once in a while.


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