The Walking Man

It actually feels like it’s been ages since the last post but whatever, part of the reason is because I was completely focussed on organising this trip.
I believe everyone knows what the Santiago pilgrimage is and that’s what I’m doing.
It took a shitload of effort to plan and is gonna take the same effort to “complete”.
So here I am after just one day, I’ll probably write a lot more about the pulgrimage itself once i’ve finished it but for now there’s space only for my personal thoughts.
I keep wondering what am I really looking for but I have literally no clue.
I guess I’m looking for lots of things and absolutely nothing at the same time.
To be honest I’m always been the running type of guy, never the walking type but this time is different, always liked challenging myself and this is huge. It’s not just walking/trekking, there’s meaning behind it and, not today, but it’s supposed to be in beautiful places.
Something I’m really curious, and scared at the same time, to see is how I’ll come back, what will I be thinking?


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