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There’s no going back

I’m not saying that I don’t wanna go back home cause I really want to, miss my family my sort of friends and my home but the thing is I’m scared

Here it’s like a new challenge every day, never the same, kind of 

New job new people so it’s not like I’m putting a lot of effort, I mean either I “pass” the challenge or I go back but back where?

And at home I’m scared I would stop wanting to travel or fighting new challenges, I could find an easy job, same shiet every day, same people every day and that’s it end of the challenge and I’m scared 

I love to travel and I love challenging myself but that choice would be the easiest and less complicated and would suck away any traveling desire and it sucks

The thing is like while writing this my brain is self harming so I’m already considering going home and NOT stopping wanting to travel a new challenge but I’m honestly scared I would fail it and it would feel pretty bad cause I wouldn’t know what to do.