Rocks are awesome

I wanted to do a kind of special mention for you guys. Let’s say a thank you post as you people are what makes it worth.
Lately I’ve been walking a lot and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this fellow pilgrim and she started saying how she liked rocks.
Normally they don’t really mean anything to me, they’re just there while these days I’ve been walking on rocks and stones A LOT and a deep hate started to develop so I was kinda curious.
Then she goes starting to describe them from a different point of view, if you grab a rock that’s it, it’s just a simple and plain rock whereas if you pick it up and let’s say clean it it literally shows as a different rock, more colours more details and so on.
Not only that, just by touching it you added something to it’s composition and you literally changed the course of his existence radically, just imagine if you would throw it or just put it somewhere else, it will never be the same.
We can say it for many things but gonna stick to rocks as I’m the one who choose.
If we see this way rocks are kind of amazing, real badass.
Using this metaphor as we, people, are basically just like rocks. Every time we come in contact with someone else they give something to us being it good or bad. On the other side when you meet someone you see just something but the more effort you put towards them the more they show to you.
Wanted to say a thank you as people keep surprising me and keep making me richer, you keep making it worth.
In my case the Camino is nice itself but is made nicer by the people on the way but from a general point of view, you guys, are what makes life a travel worth living.


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  1. I’ve heard it said that we will never meet someone we can’t learn something from. They can certainly teach us how they look at the world, whether it compels us to change our thinking or not. They can also teach us how to treat them, and how to maybe set better boundaries ourselves. They can teach us many things if we are open to it. I have learned a greater deal these 60+ years because I’m open to being taught. Being highly visual seems to help. I also ask lots of questions. I have a girlfriend that told me once that I had taught her something. She usually looks straight ahead, and is highly focused on what she needs, wants, and desires. She could care less about the rest of the world. I taught her to give her peripheral vision a chance. I don’t know what she does when we’re not together, but we seem to have a much fuller experience when we visit because she’s willing to wear my shoes as well as letting me where hers. And by the way, she’s quite the rock!

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