My so-called Luck

I was talking with some friends last night, not close friends, mostly the kind of friends you see once in a while and have those “cheap talks”.
I haven’t actually saw them for over a year and a half due to me being abroad and we were talking about what we were up to. I spent an year-ish in London and now I’m planning to do a pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain and, once again, I got told I’m very lucky to be able to travel or cause I’ve been given all these possibilities and, once again, I was left confused by this statement but even more I was amazed by how often I receive these kind of comments.
It’s quite annoying as I’m not really a lucky guy nor I’ve got a crazy opportunity to move to London, I just wanted to do it really badly. I finished school and after a few months I decided I didn`t wanna stay in Italy any longer so bought a one way flight for the city I always loved.
Just to make it clear, I didn’t have any connection, my English was just ok and I’m a really shy and easily scared guy.
I was terrified but that’s what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be.
While I was there I kept pushing forward, putting lots of effort in everything, like meeting people or finding a job, it hadn’t been easy but in the end it worked. Meanwhile I started thinking what I wanted to do after and I came up with the idea of the pilgrimage, short summary is basically a famous “walk” which is gonna take roughly 30 days, so I quit the job and came back home to “get ready”.
All of this just to say that nothing came free or easy, I just like it and yes staying home with my family and finding a job there would be way much easier but that’s not what I’m looking for.
What I can agree on is only that I`m gratefull for having a rather supportive family, not even talking about money, just happy that I want to travel and fine by not having me around.


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