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Early Departures

 It`s taking a lot of effort writing this because when you write something down or you tell someone you care about a decision it kind of gets more real.
I mean it`s weird but I have to start to realise and accept the fact that im leaving.
I`ve been in this beautiful city which is London for the past year, working, partying and drinking, especially drinking, and I kind of wanna see something else, I miss my family man, I miss my little brother soooo much.
It`s been 2 weeks pretty much now that i`ve been saying to some others people that i wanted to leave around the 23rd and now shit just got real.
It`s been so hard for me but guys I actually made it, I bought my one way flight back to Italy and the thing is like since I kept postponing this thing I got the ticket for Tuesday which is 4 freaking days away.
Was honestly panicking and heavy breathing pretty hard while booking but eventually it got better and I`m here sitting in the same armchair after like 15 hours (not even joking) and haven`t been to sleep yet cause I`m lost, I feel completely and utterly lost.
For the past year this has been my center, I`ve got my habits, the people I`m used to see and my kind of routine and trying to imagine me back home feels so weird.
Don`t get me wrong guys, I`m not saying that I don`t wanna go home.
Love this place and the people here and I also love my home but leaving my home to come here in the first place was so much easier compared to this because I knew even if I was leaving the place I would go back there eventually after some time while
leaving from here meh I`ve got no idea.
I`m leaving this place knowing that I`ll probably come back sometimes for holiday but not to do something like I did before which is realy scary cause this period,
this experience is finished, bam end of the line, I`ve officially won this challenge
and I know have to move on.
And I perfectly know it I`m just a really emotional person and leaving is always so goddam shiet.
At the same time I love to travel so I cant stand being in the same place for a lot of time, I get bored really easily so guys do me a favor, If you`ve got a dream just
follow it cause it`s worth it.
Like summer 2014 I came here with a couple of friends and on our last night I posted a status on Facebook which was exactly:
Guys leave me here, I don`t ever wanna leave this place. Daydreaming.
And last year, you know Facebook has got this thing where it shows you the memories of the past year which happened every day, I woke up one day, after like 6 or 7 months I was here, to this Status provided by my Facebook.
And I was like oh ye man, I made it.
Thats what I`m trying to make people understand cause we are way to scared, you want to do something? Just do it.
It`s going to be hard, It`s gonna feel like shiet and It`s gonna take a while but oh god once you made it or reached whatever you wanted to accomplish It`s so goddam worth.
It`s so scary but at the same time is so freaking exciting, let`s go on a new adventure.


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Random 2am thoughts

So it always surprise people when they discover i`ve been living in a hostel for the past year(its actually a year and couple of weeks but it doesnt matter) and yeah, honestly I can even see why!

I mean, sounds crazy right? Got absolutely no clue about you guys but, i`m rather young, this is like the second time ive been in a hostel and I can totally imagine whats the general idea about them.

But its not my fault! I just fell in love with this one time ago.
Was summer 2015, just finished some exams and was actually my first holiday with friends and we decided to come here, was up to me to kind of organise it but mostly i was the one deciding where we wouldve stayed and in the end totally randomly i chose this, by now I can honestly say was one of the best choice/decision ive ever made.
We came here and I was AMAZED by the diversity of people, I mean i come from a really small city in the middle of nowhere(Italy), we went to the room, changed and  realised where we were.
Our room faced the courtyard, calling it courtyard is a huuuuge compliment since its like a small square with a table and a couple of chairs but itll work for us, so we went there and 3 australians, 1 german and an asiatic girl were playing an acoustic version of a song that i loved but actually havent listened to it in a while (Pumped up kids by Foster the people which i totally still love deeply!) and i was literally speechless, I was deeply and sincerely happy. Never experienced anything like that before and I felt like home.
Suddenly I fell in love with this place, I truly loved the vibe, the people, the ongoing music played in the speakers of the reception, all of it.


So months later when my dream of coming to London, find a job and spend some time here, you know all that stuff, was coming true I already knew where I wanted to go.
When someone would ask me where or why, it didnt matter, here, The Dictionary Hostel in Shoreditch was the only place where I wanted to go, absolutely no other option since was either here or stay home.

Back to the start I actually stayed in the hostel for the first two months looking for a job and doing some stuff (im totally open to question if you want some advice or you re curious) and after that I became really friend with one of the receptionist, he was a 27 years old new zealand guy who would become really annoyied and picky if youd ask him if he were australian but in the end he was great and this is another story for next time.
Anyway he left soon and I basically took his place as a receptionist with other 3 people.
When I was a receptionist I would get kind of free accomodation and since I was doing crazy hours it came reeeeally handy.
But basically ive been a receptionist for like 6 months so thats mostly why ive been here so long, after being a receptionist I found another job which is, literally, just around the corner.
Ive always been a chronical lazy person and I didnt mind too much the lack of privacy so I didnt actually even try to look for another place to live.

So now im here sitting in the louge surrounded by drinking people and Im just letting my mind loose and you know what? I freaking dont mind it, its loud its messy and full of people but this is where my heart has been for the past year.
And everyone knows what they say, Home is where the heart is.
Sound weird but I really like to have people around, I mean, Im doing my stuff and they re doing theirs but still it creates a really nice vibe.

The funny thing is that today the owner of this place told me that tomorrow the BBC Radio will come to the hostel to “interview” or better ask some question to long term guests and of course they asked me. Like they are doing a service about living in a hostel while looking for a house and the struggle to find a nice place with the right money.
I said funny because the got the wrong guy! And its going to be curious when ill tell em.

Guys lets make it clear once for all, Im not in this hostel because I cant find another place, in a year you meet people and make friends that you could share a room with.
Guys, im not here because Im struggling to find the right place with the right people because im not even trying to.

Im here cause I want to, cause I love this place.