The weel of fortune

There we go again boys, I know it`s been a while, I guess a week or so, but with good reasons! I think I wrote it somewhere in a post but anyway usually wwhen I`m not writing/posting for some time it`s because there is something wrong in my life and I`m trying to fix it.... Continue Reading →


Being lost and other stuff

There is something im missing, there must be. I know I said karma and the idea if you do something then something will come back. And I also know that it doesn't work within minutes!  I'm not expecting that, I know it takes time on the other side I have no clue what I am... Continue Reading →

Thursday thoughts

Change does not happen over night, unluckily. It takes time and effort, sometimes more and sometimes less and usually the bigger the change the more it takes. This, tho, shouldn`t scare us, this shouldn`t make us stop pursuing the change we want to achieve instead it should motivate us meaning that there is still lot... Continue Reading →

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