There is this person I really care about and I guess the easier way to put it is that sometimes we bashed our heads, I know this is more than normal but I didn`t fully "comprehend" it. It just hit me, like 10 minutes ago, so I`m still in the middle of it but for... Continue Reading →


Sunday life update

Just a casual life update because I`m, as usual, super bad at organising stuff! Writing is something I really enjoy, when I have lots of free time it gets fairly easy but as soon as I get a little busier it just becomes something I don`t really think about. I`m still living and helping in... Continue Reading →

Climbing icebergs

This one is going to be a weird and really short post but hey, I'm the boss here! So there is this thing, we will call it "the iceberg" for now, which I kind of always liked but I've never been able to do it, it's always been like "oh yes that would be nice,... Continue Reading →

Week by the beach 

A week just passed, it's still an awesome place, it's not perfect but what is? "Job" is totally fine, we settled at 4 hours, 5 days a week and it's during the hottest hours anyway so I would be in the hostel in any case. Hostel also is pretty nice, really gives away a "summery... Continue Reading →

Morning walk by the beach

It's hot, like super hot. It's also incredibly windy, yesterday I discovered they usually do wind surf's world championship around here, it should gives an idea.  So, it's my 3rd day over here and it still feels like a dream, the sun, the beach, people, everything seems so unreal and I kinda feel super lucky... Continue Reading →

Casa grande surf hostel

Hostel review time! Even tho I've been inside just 15 minutes before running to the beach I guess I owe them some first impressions. It's called Casa grande surf hostel, which says a lot about our current wind condition, it's windy, like A LOT. But it really gives the vibe of a summer hostel, 2... Continue Reading →

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