First impression is what counts

So a week has gone by and if I have to be honest it`s been kinda fast! I mean it`s not the first time I`m away from home and I really like the feeling of complete freedom. Tried to ride the momentum of productivity and, of course, it could`ve gone better but I really can`t... Continue Reading →



"Why do you bother?" I`ve been asked several times, why do you bother even tho you know no one is going to read? Or again it`s because you think you`re better? "This" started as a way to communicate, it`s easier to write than to talk to people so that was the reason that pushed me,... Continue Reading →


So I`m here, arrived in Cork, Ireland this morning. Hostel where I`ll be stayin looks nice, small and quite; kinda what I was looking for and it`s not right in the centre of the city which is good. I`ll see to get some pictures but I`m not that good taking them. Anyway I`m still scared... Continue Reading →

Forward and upward

I'm actually leaving, again. This time tho I'm not running away from anything as I'm fine stayin home, I'm just happier when traveling and I'm curious about new places. Pretty much a couple of weeks ago I decided but it's only now, 4 days away, that I'm actually realizing it and of course it's scary... Continue Reading →


I'm here again cause I wanted to spend a few words for a guy who really inspires me. Not inspire in a way that I wanna be like him or do what he does but seeing him doing what he loves is awesome cause it's clear he's putting all he's got into it. His name... Continue Reading →

Turning tides

So as I was sayin in the last post (which you can find here) I was kinda down and not feeling too nice mentally cause I had no idea where I was going and all that stuff something I also believe and always write about is that we should never give up and stop moving* and... Continue Reading →

Fear of the unknown

Talking, or in this case writing, about a problem helps; helps realising it, accepting it and making you able to react better. Or at least that's what I've seen. This time topic is fear, fear in general, the fear of failure, the fear of traveling and, in my case, mostly fear of taking decisions. I... Continue Reading →

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