Week by the beach 

A week just passed, it's still an awesome place, it's not perfect but what is? "Job" is totally fine, we settled at 4 hours, 5 days a week and it's during the hottest hours anyway so I would be in the hostel in any case. Hostel also is pretty nice, really gives away a "summery... Continue Reading →


How having lived in 3 different countries by the time I was 22 changed my life

A ship in harbour is a safe ship but that`s not really what ships are made for, isn`t it? No, I`m not a nomad and no, my family doesn`t travel around. I`m just a simple guy who felt like "home" was a bit small for him. By the time I was 22 I had lived... Continue Reading →

Morning walk by the beach

It's hot, like super hot. It's also incredibly windy, yesterday I discovered they usually do wind surf's world championship around here, it should gives an idea.  So, it's my 3rd day over here and it still feels like a dream, the sun, the beach, people, everything seems so unreal and I kinda feel super lucky... Continue Reading →

Casa grande surf hostel

Hostel review time! Even tho I've been inside just 15 minutes before running to the beach I guess I owe them some first impressions. It's called Casa grande surf hostel, which says a lot about our current wind condition, it's windy, like A LOT. But it really gives the vibe of a summer hostel, 2... Continue Reading →

Back on the road

Let's go one step at a time, firstly blog is back because I'm the boss and I feel like it, I moved again and last but not least, I'm in Tenerife. Going by order, my flight was around 7am but only got 1 hour sleep due to excitement/fear but I fell asleep as soon as... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust’s bug

And when you weren't thinking about it anymore, just busy thinking about something else he comes back, the traveling bug. It's actually called Wanderlust, the need to travel. It's kind of hard to explain but it's almost a physical need to jump on a plane and explore. You know, I came back from my fair... Continue Reading →

State of mind

Just had a really nice couple of weeks, totally sarcastic, in which stuff happened and as always when something bad happens in life we kind of lose our balance, you enter a sort of limbo in which you're not sure what is the right thing to do.  So let me get this out first, most... Continue Reading →

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