Beach thoughts

It's unreal realizing it's already been over a year since I came to this place, time absolutely flies here but not in a bad way. Every day is pretty much beach, work, drink, repeat; might still be a routine but to be fair, it's the best routine I've been in so far. It's kinda sad... Continue Reading →


Still standing

It's been such a long time I don't even know where to start so I'm just gonna jump straight in. Last week I went running and today I went training, I still feel dead and it made me realize I hadn't done something similar in such a long time. Haven't really paid attention to myself... Continue Reading →

Back on the road

Let's go one step at a time, firstly blog is back because I'm the boss and I feel like it, I moved again and last but not least, I'm in Tenerife. Going by order, my flight was around 7am but only got 1 hour sleep due to excitement/fear but I fell asleep as soon as... Continue Reading →

The weel of fortune

There we go again boys, I know it`s been a while, I guess a week or so, but with good reasons! I think I wrote it somewhere in a post but anyway usually wwhen I`m not writing/posting for some time it`s because there is something wrong in my life and I`m trying to fix it.... Continue Reading →

Thursday thoughts

Change does not happen over night, unluckily. It takes time and effort, sometimes more and sometimes less and usually the bigger the change the more it takes. This, tho, shouldn`t scare us, this shouldn`t make us stop pursuing the change we want to achieve instead it should motivate us meaning that there is still lot... Continue Reading →


"Why do you bother?" I`ve been asked several times, why do you bother even tho you know no one is going to read? Or again it`s because you think you`re better? "This" started as a way to communicate, it`s easier to write than to talk to people so that was the reason that pushed me,... Continue Reading →

Forward and upward

I'm actually leaving, again. This time tho I'm not running away from anything as I'm fine stayin home, I'm just happier when traveling and I'm curious about new places. Pretty much a couple of weeks ago I decided but it's only now, 4 days away, that I'm actually realizing it and of course it's scary... Continue Reading →

Fear of the unknown

Talking, or in this case writing, about a problem helps; helps realising it, accepting it and making you able to react better. Or at least that's what I've seen. This time topic is fear, fear in general, the fear of failure, the fear of traveling and, in my case, mostly fear of taking decisions. I... Continue Reading →

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