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Being lost and other stuff

There is something im missing, there must be.

I know I said karma and the idea if you do something then something will come back.

And I also know that it doesn’t work within minutes! 

I’m not expecting that, I know it takes time on the other side I have no clue what I am supposed to do because everytime this week I’ve done something something bad/wrong happened straight away. Good intentions? Waking up way earlier to do stuff? Nope.

And to be honest I wansn’t even doung that because I wanted something in return just because I believed was the right thing.

I’m lost, honestly.

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Motivational Monday #3

Sorry peps, I promise this time I`ll try my best to be more constant; reason I wasn`t is also the topic of this post.

This week is gonna be about expectations, not really “love expectations” more like in general as it`s something I keep falling for, every once in a while or right after I accomplish something and reach a particular goal I get kinda lazy.

Life`snot about expecting, hoping and wishing, it`sabout doing, being and becoming.

It actually took a few weeks to realize it and it hurts cause I wasn`t even thinking about it! It just popped into my mind.  Spent some time home and honestly had no idea why I wasn`t feeling ok, by now I know I was, hands down, throwing away my days literally wasting my time. Of course nothing happened and I was almost mad about it!

Life is not easy , we can start with this week and then go on from there but stop expecting things to happen, it doesnt work like this. Gonna use an example here, life`s like a field and it does not grow plants on it`s own you have to actually put efforts and plant the seeds take care and after a while you`ll get something but after that it`s all over again! Yes you made progress, which is great, but it doesn`t become automatic you gotta plant the seeds again and keep on putting efforts.

So focus on this one, work hard towards something and when you finally reach it use the momentum and start working towards something else straight away. It doesn`t always get easier but you know you can do it once again.
My granma used to say “the less you do, the less you would do”.

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I met a few friends last night, it was a really chilled one and you know we were just sitting and talking. At a certain point one of them, he knows I write occasionally, showed me a phrase to see what I thought. 

I can’t remember exactly the phrase but it was about photos, as in they are really nice because show special moments, make it easier to remember and their importance. Was a really nice phrase to be honest and, even if I like the idea I can’t fully agree with it!

I mean, seeing it from a different point of view, I’ve never been the kind of person who takes loads of photos all the time, there’s almost never something wrong with it its just not me. Almost never taking pictures cause pretty much the only times it would be “worth it” or meaningful are the special moments, the ones I’m really enjoying being it for the view, the place, the people or anything in particular so the problem to me is if I’m really enjoying the moment why should I take away “my focus” for the moment and put it in taking the picture? 

Yes, I’ll have a memory, a photo of that particular moment but what’s the point in having a lesser “physical” memory when I didn’t fully enjoyed the real thing? Using an example, been walking for a while and finally I reach the top of the mountain and the view takes my breath away so I’m speechless, I sit down just staring into the nothing and I start thinking. The moment is amazing, I feel at peace and happy, I feel good. What I’m sayin is the moment is special why should I focus on something else even for a little bit when I could be fully enjoying the moment? 

There’s no need for a photo, makes for good memories yes but if the moment was really special I’m just gonna keep it inside me.

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Motivational monday #2

Here I am again, and jumping right in today’s quote is:

There is greatness within you,
You just need to find it

This one come from my little brother, I have no idea where did he read it but I always tried to push him towards the “right choices”, I had just lost the job and out of nowhere he wrote me a message, it felt good. Realising he is actually not like the others was super nice.
The phrase is nice but the way I see it within all of us there is potential.
And hey, I’m not talking about the usual “scholastic phrase” teachers tell parents “your son has potential but he doens’t put effort in it”, I’m talking real potential, potential to be a good person, kind and with a good earth.
Everyone has the possibilities to have an impact on something.
Tho, not always is visible, sometimes is deeper down and harder to find but still there.
So for this week once again, get the fuck out of your comfort zone, reach your “limits” and get past them.
Life’s too short to not be lived at it’s fullest.

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Motivational monday #1

In the attempt to get the blog a “stable” thing here’s the idea.
I’m going to motivate myself and whoever is gonna read it with a different quote and what it means to me every monday.
As the first quote it’s only fair I’m using the first one which really meant something to me and made start thinking.

Are you doing your best to be your best?

I first read this quote a couple of years ago and I still really like it, my objective, what keeps pushing me is the desire to be better, nothing in particular, just being a better persone.
Trying to find things you don’t like about yourself and doing your best to change them.
Are you doing your best, being completely honest with yourself are you putting lots of effort/energy in living your days?
And I don’t mean just living, noone is perfect and there’s always lots of room for improvement, when you go to sleep at night are you feeling satisfied? Cause if not you should ask yourself some questions.
So here’s a task for you reading this, you can start by small things but examine yourself, find something you don’t like and try to improve it.
Stating the obvious but even if it takes a lot of effort the feeling afterwards is priceless.
If you feel like it I’d be really curious to know about it, let me know!
And come back next monday for more inspirational stuff, till the next time.