Being lost and other stuff

There is something im missing, there must be. I know I said karma and the idea if you do something then something will come back. And I also know that it doesn't work within minutes!  I'm not expecting that, I know it takes time on the other side I have no clue what I am... Continue Reading →


Motivational Monday #3

Sorry peps, I promise this time I`ll try my best to be more constant; reason I wasn`t is also the topic of this post. This week is gonna be about expectations, not really "love expectations" more like in general as it`s something I keep falling for, every once in a while or right after I... Continue Reading →


I met a few friends last night, it was a really chilled one and you know we were just sitting and talking. At a certain point one of them, he knows I write occasionally, showed me a phrase to see what I thought.  I can't remember exactly the phrase but it was about photos, as... Continue Reading →

Motivational monday #1

In the attempt to get the blog a "stable" thing here's the idea. I'm going to motivate myself and whoever is gonna read it with a different quote and what it means to me every monday. As the first quote it's only fair I'm using the first one which really meant something to me and... Continue Reading →

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