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Pics are not so bad tho

I was taling with my lady last night, she is traveling in Spain for a couple of weeks so she`s tryin not to watch her phone too often and ejoying the holidays which is totally fine with me, I`d probably do the same in her situation but more of this might come in an another post.
The reason why I brought this is because I knew she wasn`t answering so I kinda used the chat as a summary, brought all my thoughts of the week and wrote down a sort of list of things and stuff.
Among them being to learn a couple of instrument, not like at a very good level, just you know to spend the time, no idea when or where but you never know.
And then I talked a little bit about photographies, which by the way I kinda never took cause I`m not the kind of guy. But, and it`s a big but(sorry about that) I feel confused now because sometimes while walking arond I can hear my inner self saying “Oh you know, those clouds you keep watching would do just fine in a photo” which pretty much never happened.
Reason why I`m confused is basically here.
Little summary is that I never liked taking pictures because you would take them in really nice moments you want to remember right? Thing is the moment you start focusing on taking the photo you`re kinda losing the moment, you`re not as focused on it as before.
Which to me makes sense only partially now.
I guess we could say truth is always in the middle, it`s perfect to just enjoy fully the moment but lately I`ve been finding myself so happy/into it/enthusiastic that I really want to immortalize it in some ways, just a quick shot tho nothing special or long that doesn`t take much effort.
Because sometimes finding a random old pic brings out so mamy memories and things to say which you hadn`t forgotten anyway but they were just there somewhere deep.
So yep guys, I too, am wrong sometimes.

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I met a few friends last night, it was a really chilled one and you know we were just sitting and talking. At a certain point one of them, he knows I write occasionally, showed me a phrase to see what I thought. 

I can’t remember exactly the phrase but it was about photos, as in they are really nice because show special moments, make it easier to remember and their importance. Was a really nice phrase to be honest and, even if I like the idea I can’t fully agree with it!

I mean, seeing it from a different point of view, I’ve never been the kind of person who takes loads of photos all the time, there’s almost never something wrong with it its just not me. Almost never taking pictures cause pretty much the only times it would be “worth it” or meaningful are the special moments, the ones I’m really enjoying being it for the view, the place, the people or anything in particular so the problem to me is if I’m really enjoying the moment why should I take away “my focus” for the moment and put it in taking the picture? 

Yes, I’ll have a memory, a photo of that particular moment but what’s the point in having a lesser “physical” memory when I didn’t fully enjoyed the real thing? Using an example, been walking for a while and finally I reach the top of the mountain and the view takes my breath away so I’m speechless, I sit down just staring into the nothing and I start thinking. The moment is amazing, I feel at peace and happy, I feel good. What I’m sayin is the moment is special why should I focus on something else even for a little bit when I could be fully enjoying the moment? 

There’s no need for a photo, makes for good memories yes but if the moment was really special I’m just gonna keep it inside me.