Slowly and steady

I like this place.
There is no other way to really put it.
Before coming here I tried to not have any expectations at all, these are Canary island after all but I really tried to not expect anything like “let`s go and see what happenes”. After my experience in London I was a bit depressed, I loved it from the bottom of my hearth and I wasn`t sure if I would ever find anything as good but in the past 3 months sometimes I found myself just smiling out of nowhere and randomly thinking “this is nice, I like it”.
Personally I`m not ready yet to say that this is better than London also because London was my first time and will always be my safe shot but I honestly cannot complain. It`s not perfect and to be honest I wouldn`t be able to say specifically what I like the most but it makes me feel good.
I`m still a mess and have way to many emotions at the moment but for the first time in a very long time I feel peacefull, there`s still some things I need to deal properly with but I have no rush nor I don`t want to do it halfway, probably I`m going to stay here untill I`m ready.
I`m also “forcing” myself write as one of the way of dealing with stuff because as hard as it can be it always helped a lot, I`m not illuding myself again saying I`m going to write a lot or everyday but I know in the long run this is the right thing to do.
Two weeks ago I moved in an apartment with an Italian couple but I didn`t know that almost “included” in the new life were all their friends and to be honest they`re amazing, really funny and it really helps keeping my mind off things.

Slowly and steady.


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