I am Alby

One of the main reason why I left home this time is because me and my girlfriend decided not to be together anymore and one of,my, main reason was because I was struggling to find an “identity” back home. When I was in London I was Alby the receptionist, Alby they guy who would go out partying until 6am then come back and work for 8hrs, Alby the Italian guy then I became Alby the food runner and at the same time, after some “struggle” I became Alby, Alessandra’s boyfriend. Back home in Italy I was “just” Alby, Alessandra’s boyfriend and nothing else pretty much.

Lately I kind of understood, I don’t have any particular “skill” which can indentify me. Yes, for the past 2 years I’ve been Alby the traveler and that’s a side of me I really love but to me that’s not enough and I’m working on it.

I also know I don’t have to demonstrate anything to anyone, I’m doing this for me and I’m also not special, but that never was the point. I’m not really doing what I do to be better than someone, I just want to be better than my old self.

Because in the end where am I or what others think doesn’t make me who am I.

I am Alby, just Alby.


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