“I took the way less traveled and it was bad”

There’s a mountain close to where I live, well, it’s not really a mountain, it’s more like a very tall hill. It’s just by the sea and I’ve been told it’s really nice to be at the top so yesterday I got ready, packed my lunch, got sun cream and left for an adventure.

I also knew there is a really small beach hidden behind it so I went around to see this place first, nothing too special but at least there weren’t many people! As you can see there is like a “road” to reach the top and that was my idea but as I was walking back I found another way to the top, more steep and less traveled, you know, it could’ve been fun and I saw it as a challenge.

You know all those way of saying like when you see two roads take the one less used or make your own trail and don’t follow others, well “I took the way less traveled and it was shit”. It was steep, hot and fairly dangerous but I had already set my mind to it so I went through with it.

In the end I managed to do it but what in trying to say is there shouldn’t be only black and white, there is not only one way to do things and we should do it only in the way that feels right for us. Sometimes it means following others and sometimes means straying from the “usual” path. 

Don’t be afraid to try and go different ways but don’t be afraid to follow others as well.


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