Sunday life update

Just a casual life update because I`m, as usual, super bad at organising stuff!
Writing is something I really enjoy, when I have lots of free time it gets fairly easy but as soon as I get a little busier it just becomes something I don`t really think about.
I`m still living and helping in the hostel but went visiting different places in the island and found somewhere I like more, it`s bigger and with a bit more “life”, that`s where I want to spend my summer at the moment.
So I started looking for houses/apartment and jobs over there, as everything worth doing it`s gonna take effort but that`s ok. Found a shared apartment in the area, close by the beach which seemed nice and we`ll see how it goes.
Also managed to get a trial for a job at a restaurant/music venue, job is fairly simple, I`ll be a sort of PR on the street trying to convince people to go inside.
Absolutely not my job aspiration but it`s something I`ve never done before and, considering my character, it`s totally outside my comfort zone and that`s the main reason I`d like to have it. Still, I went there Friday for a 2 hours trial, I`ll be going there later today and probably I`ll go there few other times in the next couple of weeks; owner over there said for the next 2 weeks she`ll have people trying and afterwards she`ll choose 3/4 of them and just hire them officially.
Final plan is to get a job and a room around the same time and move officially over there, untill then it`s going to be pretty bad as there are no buses after 10pm which means I`m going to sleep at the beach for a few hours untill the first bus in the morning, happy days!


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