How to learn from problems

Short version of the story is “my bike’s chain fell down and I managed to fix it”.

Longer and better version is yesterday I had a few things to do and they could be done in a different village than mine, it didn’t seem to far away so I decided to go by bike instead of the bus like everyone because why not. It wasn’t actually that long but was seriously steep, just going up and up for 15 minutes, it was kind of manageable if close to the end the chain didn’t fall so I had to push the bike until the “fuel place” and see what was going on.

Beware, I never use a mountain bike, at home I only use my mum’s bike cause I think it looks cool and I have no idea whatsoever! So I started looking into it and kind of understood where the problem was, started pulling and pushing but nothing. I got so stubborn and focused to not realize more than 40 minutes had passed, went to wash my hands and I started thinking on what to do; should I check for a bike repair shop? Should I just carry it all the way back for half an hour under the sun? Because it was actually one of the hostel’s bikes and it would feel super bad.

I got really stubborn again, I see the problem, I understand what’s wrong so why am I not able to fix it? Started all over again and after a total of one hour and a half I did it. As soon as it popped back at the right place I screamed a little and believe me if I say you have no idea how good it felt. 

For such a small thing the amount of joy provided was unreal but I guess it’s because I put a lot of effort in it so I’m going to take this as a lesson and you totally should too, if I put my mind into it, even if I’m not “qualified” if I really put some effort a lot of things can be accomplished.

And you guys, there’s ever been something sudden that made you react and gave you a lesson?


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