Week by the beach 

A week just passed, it’s still an awesome place, it’s not perfect but what is?

“Job” is totally fine, we settled at 4 hours, 5 days a week and it’s during the hottest hours anyway so I would be in the hostel in any case. Hostel also is pretty nice, really gives away a “summery vibe” but isn’t in any way a party hostel nor a party village. 

It’s really nice and quiet but I’m not 50 years old, I totally wouldn’t mind if it was a bit louder and yesterday I found out that this is the quietest part of the island! Tuesday it’s my day off so I’ll probably wake up early, get a bike and go exploring to see if there are places more appealing.

During the next couple of weeks I’ll go visit a few places I really want to see, a mountain by the ocean and a vulcano for example but after I’ll be even “ready” to move somewhere else, this is really a bit too quiet for my opinion. I don’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not exactly what am I looking for right now, I wouldn’t want to spend my summer in the quietest part of Spain when there’s so much going on elsewhere.

Of course I’ll see in the next future what is going to happen but I don’t feel like “settling” just yet. Also it’s weird sometimes to see how different people are here compared to how it was in London, how chilled and expansive they are. It’s probably going to take a while to get used to it considering how “close” am I.

On a side note I’m really not a huge fan of one of the receptionist, she’s really way to bossy; usually I’m super bad with first impression but I found out I’m not the only one feeling this way, maybe it’s because she’s Irish 😉

As always really open to criticism, advices and ideas!


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