How having lived in 3 different countries by the time I was 22 changed my life

A ship in harbour is a safe ship but that`s not really what ships are made for, isn`t it?

No, I`m not a nomad and no, my family doesn`t travel around. I`m just a simple guy who felt like “home” was a bit small for him. By the time I was 22 I had lived and worked in Italy, England and Ireland, without regretting a single day of it.
But here`s the full story.
I`m from north Italy and lived there until I was 20, did the occasional waitressing job in restaurants but as soon as I finished school I understood I couldn`t do it anymore, there had to be more in life than just the regular “go to university then  find a job and get a family”, I wanted to feel free and in control of my life.121
During school I would always dream of going to London so I did it. Told my family about my plans and booked a one-way flight. I come from a really small village so you can guess the general reaction but luckily my family has been super supportive!

Landed in London without knowing anyone but in the end it worked out perfectly, it wasn`t easy but it was definitely worth it. Lived and worked there for over a year, meet a bunch of crazy people from all over the world and had the time of my life, I`ll always be thankful for it.
The thing is, I don`t know where you`re from, but as soon as you exit you`re comfort zone you realize how small you are and how big is the world out there. As long as you live in the same place for a while you get used to that reality but it`s mind blowing to see how different people can be and how dumb were some ideas you had.
That`s where it happened I guess, when the “wanderlust`s bug bit me”, a friend of mine once said, wanderlust is something you can never escape from.

Spent there over a year, was awesome but then it came back, the need to go somewhere different, the need for a new adventure. So I started thinking, a guest in the hostel had told me about a pretty famous pilgrimage in Spain which I had never heard about, it`s called Camino de Santiago and it`s basically a pilgrimage from the french border to the ocean. I decided it didn`t really sound too bad so I started organising, went back to Italy to talk it through with my family which, again, had been really supportive and that was it, soon after I was on a plane.

It would honestly be way too long to talk about my pilgrimage but it`s definetly an experience I would recommend to everyone, really intense and exhausting but totally worth it.

Managed to complete the pilgrimage and went back home but of course couldn`t bring myself to the idea of staying there and finding a job near home so I managed to get a “volunteering job” in a hostel in Ireland and flown there. Started again from nothing, made a bank account, insurance and everything and found an actual paid job in a restaurant. To be honest I really didn`t like it but somehow I had to prove to myself I could do it again, that I hadn`t been just lucky in London, that I was worth it.
It lasted 5 months.
Ireland is a beautiful country, if you`re just on holiday and you`re visiting it.
It`s just my opinion of course but also this is my story, I really loved the sky and the clouds but I didn`t have enough time to go around and explore.
So I went back home once again to stay with family a little bit, it`s hard to admit but even I miss them sometimes!

The thing is, once you see how it is on the other side you`ll never be happy or satisfied with just one side, can`t be bothered to do the same things every day, same places and same faces.
The feeling before a new trip, the fear of the unknown and the loneliness it may cause it`s priceless. You will be always looking for plane tickets, new places you could go or ways to keep on travelling around.
Yes it`s a hard life and probably it`s not for everyone but it`s a good one and it`s always worth it. And even if you leave places and people behind they don`t actually leave you completely, you will always remember.


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