Morning walk by the beach

It’s hot, like super hot. It’s also incredibly windy, yesterday I discovered they usually do wind surf’s world championship around here, it should gives an idea. 

So, it’s my 3rd day over here and it still feels like a dream, the sun, the beach, people, everything seems so unreal and I kinda feel super lucky to be here. The “job” at the hostel is totally with no “fixed hours”, it’s mostly like helping around every once in a while, changing beds and stuff which is totally fine for now, let me get used to it and we’ll see next week. 

I know my body and I know if I’m not careful I’ll get burnt in 10 seconds so I was thinking of avoiding the hottest hours (12 to 3/4pm) but apparently here doesn’t work like that because I went for a walk around 6pm yesterday and it was way hotter, what is wrong with this place.

Was planning a nice organized post but ended up more like a summary and I keep getting distracted by the view, you gotta excuse me!

They hostel is like 2 minutes from the beach anyway and it keeps happening, boss says “you’re free now, you should go for a walk, explore the place around”, sounds like a great idea but I keep just stopping by the beach and stare at the ocean, can’t seem to avoid it. 

Little side note I haven’t been near a beach in like 2/3 years, and spent over 2 years in London/Ireland so I’m literally like a child seeing everything for the first time. I’d also love to make sand castles but It’d be way to embarrassing because I’m a 2 meters bearded guy 😉


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