Back on the road

Let’s go one step at a time, firstly blog is back because I’m the boss and I feel like it, I moved again and last but not least, I’m in Tenerife.

Going by order, my flight was around 7am but only got 1 hour sleep due to excitement/fear but I fell asleep as soon as I sat on the plane, flight was weirdly enjoyable also due to the really old couple next to me. The man spent the entire flight, 5 hours, doing Sudoku and was really focused while doing it but closer to the end his wife looks at him and turns out he had no idea how sudoku works, he spent 4/5 hours randomly putting numbers.

After landing of course I didn’t plan anything so it took me like 2 hours instead of 20 minutes to reach my final destination but you know, we could say I went sightseeing! Reached the hostel, which I’m probably going to talk later, and yep, I can see the ocean from the roof terrace. 

After a year and a half in London and 5 months in Ireland this is definitely a slight improvement.

Went for a walk and basically my situation right now is this 

Can’t really complain, can I?


2 thoughts on “Back on the road

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    1. I love sudoku! But was really fun seeing them arguing on how you’re supposed to do it 🙂
      Stick to my blog in case you’re curious as I’m planning to say here 6 months hopefully!


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