Wanderlust’s bug

And when you weren’t thinking about it anymore, just busy thinking about something else he comes back, the traveling bug. It’s actually called Wanderlust, the need to travel. It’s kind of hard to explain but it’s almost a physical need to jump on a plane and explore.

You know, I came back from my fair share of travels and was kind of thinking if stayin home for a while but something happened and as soon as it happened I started thinking of moving again and the feeling, oh the feeling, it’s undefinable. It’s like a bug biting you slowly and slowly you start thinking where you could go next, which places you could visit and the excitement it’s just overflowing in you. 

To me, Wanderlust is the need to get out of my comfort zone, the excitement of entering a plane and the fear of the unknown, the knowing that soon I’ll be somewhere different.

It’s not automatic, I mean it’s not like oh I’d like to travel and puff you’re traveling, it takes effort of course, you gotta put time into it but it surely does pay off.


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