The sound of silence

Couple of days I saw a video of a guy talking in a sort of conference and he was saying many different things but the one that meant the most to me was about the “sound of silence”. It may be confusing at first but it’s true, sometimes silence can be as loud as music you just have to be willing to listen to it. Most of the times when we are doing nothing or waiting for something or even just have an empty moment we either watch the phone or put some music to pass the time and I’m not saying it’s wrong, we do that to keep the mind busy on something.

The thing is sometimes we need some time of just doing nothing and let the mind wander around, it’s during those times when we let our mind completely free that we realize most of the things, it’s then that most of the ideas pop up.

I know sometimes it’s scary or we are “not used” to it and it’s way easier to just pretend to be doing something. For as weird as it may sound, it’s actually hard to sit there and actually do nothing apart from thinking but it’s extremely relaxing and helpful. 

Being alone with our mind and thoughts can be really scary but that’s it, they are our thoughts and our mind and we have to be ok with them somehow.


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