Helping hand

I’m here today to tell you it’s ok to need help sometimes, it’s totally fine and sooner or later it will happen! Take it from a random guy on the internet who often feels like that but even more often its way to stubborn to admit it.

But also take it from a guy who went quite a few times to a psicologist in the past and really liked it while being incredibly skeptic at first. I mean I guess my idea at first was that only people with real problem should go but hey, everyone has its own demons. Whatever your problems may be, big or small, it’s always helpful to talk with a person completely outside of your life who doesn’t know you but who kind of studied this things and would be able to guide you through your thoughts. Someone who you can freely talk to and who you really don’t have to impress.

Or just be like me, way to stubborn and wanting to solve everything by  himself. Up to you, really.


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