Thursday thoughts

Change does not happen over night, unluckily.
It takes time and effort, sometimes more and sometimes less and usually the bigger the change the more it takes.
This, tho, shouldn`t scare us, this shouldn`t make us stop pursuing the change we want to achieve instead it should motivate us meaning that there is still lot to do and the work is not finished yt.
Usually when I`m not writing/posting it`s because I`m trying to fix/change something or there is something wrong in my life; let`s say there is something disturbing me and often I`m not noticing it as soon as it happen. When I notice it it takes effort to start changing it and of course it`s not easy.
So when it happens I see no reason in writing something because I`m not motivated, where is the point in keep on telling you guys to improve and all that stuff when I`m not? I`d rather wait, focus on the nuisance/mistake/whatever and, when I`m done and everything is fine again, write about it.
I imagine it would be really dumb and pointless to write about something while doing the opposite or write about something I don`t believe in.
I kind of got super lazy lately, not in a way that I`m doing nothing all day watching tv series, in a nicer way; I kept procastinating the more important stuff while “convincing” myself I was stil being productive writing and doing other secondary stuff. It`s not like I was doing nothing, I was still doing something usefull but in my head I was saying like “You know, it`s ok if you`re not doing this (which you should really need to start doing!) because in the mean time you are focusing on writing (which is still good but not really what you should be focusing right now) and I`m really good at this!
But today I actually managed to do both, not in a perfect way but you know, I set the ball rolling and we can start from here, I`m fine with it.


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