Wednesday`s life update

Random life update time.
So if everyone has read a few of my post you`ll know I have a girlfriend, we love each other and it`s beautifull.
And we live in two different country.
I mean it`s bad but not that bad, we haven`t seen eah other in a month and a half ish but if everything goes as planned she`ll come visit me twice in October and November and for Christmas we`ll both go back to our families in Italy.
It`s sad because of course I do miss her but I`m loving the kind of relation we have and that makes it worth it, we boh love to travel around, mostly alone, so we have to accept compromise but you know it goes both ways.
I love it because she always takes out the best of me and push me to keep on improving, important note is that I`m not doing it for her but for me; I do love when she is proud of me, the feeling is great but it`s a plus we should do stuff because we want to not because someone wants us to.
Also, we have a lot of freedom as in she works a lot and I love having my space/time alone while not minding the phone so we are not spending the day just texting each other! To be honest every once in a while, she works in a hostel, the job takes most of her time and I`m kinda sad because she is not answering but then I realize that and I kinda feel dumb.
But anyway, it does take a lot of “effort” as it`s not an easy thing and to be honest again I wouldn`t wish this to anyone because the thing is I woulnd`t be happy with a normal/boring/seeing each other every single day and doing eveything together relationship; for a little bit? Yea but totally not on the long run.


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