Pics are not so bad tho

I was taling with my lady last night, she is traveling in Spain for a couple of weeks so she`s tryin not to watch her phone too often and ejoying the holidays which is totally fine with me, I`d probably do the same in her situation but more of this might come in an another post.
The reason why I brought this is because I knew she wasn`t answering so I kinda used the chat as a summary, brought all my thoughts of the week and wrote down a sort of list of things and stuff.
Among them being to learn a couple of instrument, not like at a very good level, just you know to spend the time, no idea when or where but you never know.
And then I talked a little bit about photographies, which by the way I kinda never took cause I`m not the kind of guy. But, and it`s a big but(sorry about that) I feel confused now because sometimes while walking arond I can hear my inner self saying “Oh you know, those clouds you keep watching would do just fine in a photo” which pretty much never happened.
Reason why I`m confused is basically here.
Little summary is that I never liked taking pictures because you would take them in really nice moments you want to remember right? Thing is the moment you start focusing on taking the photo you`re kinda losing the moment, you`re not as focused on it as before.
Which to me makes sense only partially now.
I guess we could say truth is always in the middle, it`s perfect to just enjoy fully the moment but lately I`ve been finding myself so happy/into it/enthusiastic that I really want to immortalize it in some ways, just a quick shot tho nothing special or long that doesn`t take much effort.
Because sometimes finding a random old pic brings out so mamy memories and things to say which you hadn`t forgotten anyway but they were just there somewhere deep.
So yep guys, I too, am wrong sometimes.


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