Friday night randomness

You know, last night I was kinda tired and just wanted to lay down watching films but I felt guilty so I grabbed all my remaining energy and went for a walk in the city centre, it`s not a huge city but not even that small so there were people walking araound like me and randomly I stumbled upon a group of guys playing music on the streets and they were honestly good, there was even a violin!
So I stood there for like half an hour and people kept coming and coming, they were playing songs I personally like, Lonely boy from The Black keys being one of them and I was already happy that way; then all of a sudden they started playing song I`m really attached too, “Free Fallin” by John Mayer then “I will wait” by Mumford & Sons and giving the final blow with “No diggity” by Ed Sheeran, there were many others but those 3 were the ones I remember most deeply of my time in London.
This, guys, just to say that life is random, not completely but you know, the most part is. And it`s pretty much impossible to know what is gonna happen. There`s a saying “You never know what is going to happen when you walk out of that door” and it`s true but hey, it does say when you walk out because if you don`t not much will happen. Not saying it is a bad thing it`s just you already know your “comfort zone”, that`s why we call it that way, it`s what outside that is unknown and surprising; sure it does take effort but if you`re willing too it gives so much back.
It doens`t take much, only that first little push cause ass soon as you do it you`ll notice it`s worth it.
Meanwhile I got left there with teary eyes and thankful for these 5 guys, a kiwi one, 2 australian, a german and an irish that decided forming a band would be fun.
Going to take the opportunity saying that if you have a dream, as weird as it could be, just follow it because there will always be a guy like me getting emotional for it.


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