First impression is what counts

So a week has gone by and if I have to be honest it`s been kinda fast! I mean it`s not the first time I`m away from home and I really like the feeling of complete freedom. Tried to ride the momentum of productivity and, of course, it could`ve gone better but I really can`t complain. I actually managed to grab the new number today, wish I did it earlier but had a few inconvenient.
General thoughts the hostel is super quiet and not too far from the city centre which is great, not many guests and the “job” there is super easy; sayin “job” cause it can`t really be called job as it`s 4/5 hours in the morning of like cleaning and presence in which I can manage myself with almost no one controlling.
This leaves a lot of time so I`ll have to start looking for something cause you know, money.
On the other side my boss is from Pakistan, nothing bad in this, but he keeps cooking spicy food which IS NOT my favourite but you know you got to adapt.
I was even able to go running a couple of times and I really want to keep that up because it makes me feel good and I also found a great spot to go (it`ll probably come up in some pics during this experience).
And overall feels so damn good to be travelling again, there is always that scary side from going in a new place or being alone but you know it`s all add to the experience.
Last but not least, I know it sounds super sad to say, but I`ve been sober for over a week! And I`m happy about it because it didn`t happen since last year`s June.


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