“Why do you bother?” I`ve been asked several times, why do you bother even tho you know no one is going to read? Or again it`s because you think you`re better?
“This” started as a way to communicate, it`s easier to write than to talk to people so that was the reason that pushed me, my girlfriend too suggested it and after a while I gave it a shot and gotta admit it does feel nice.
So no, I totally don`t think I`m better that anyone else! I found my mind get calmer while writing and I believe it`s a nice way to show people the experiences I`m going through.
It`s not like I think I`m smarter so I can teach people, that`s not me, i believe in self improvement tho and I`m mostly trying to motivate and push myself and if the meantime I`m able to “motivate” someone to make a change in is life well that just makes it all worth it.
It`s not like I`m writing to achieve something, just something I like and makes me feel better.
While writing to change and improve is ok it`ll be pointless if I say something and do something else so this place is also gonna be about my experience and travels.
So cheers guys if you wanna accompany me, promise it won`t be boring.


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