So I`m here, arrived in Cork, Ireland this morning.

Hostel where I`ll be stayin looks nice, small and quite; kinda what I was looking for and it`s not right in the centre of the city which is good. I`ll see to get some pictures but I`m not that good taking them.
Anyway I`m still scared but you know, I`m here already and there isn`t really a going back so gotta take the best of this experience.
Thinking about it the “job” here is gonna be super easy and is not even gonna take a lot of time, I`m literally free to do whatever I want!
Thing is what is it? And sorry but “doing nothing all day watching films” doesn`t really count so I`m probably gonna look for a part-time thing to you know, get some money in the bank and after that I`ll see.
Today I was thinking that some side of us never really leave, I think if you don`t like something about yourself just work on it and change it; taking me as example it works but there are somethings that you can`t fully erase, they just get really small in a corner and that`s ok those good and bad things are what define us.
The thing that really matters, apart from you trying to improve, is how you react when they surface, will you just panic and let yourself down or keep going even if you`re passing a bad moment?


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