Forward and upward

I’m actually leaving, again.

This time tho I’m not running away from anything as I’m fine stayin home, I’m just happier when traveling and I’m curious about new places. Pretty much a couple of weeks ago I decided but it’s only now, 4 days away, that I’m actually realizing it and of course it’s scary but it’s a good feeling; it’s scary cause it’s a new place, new people and new everything but on the other side it’s not the first time, I already did it once and it went awesome.

Not a easy thing getting one-way flight, you know when you’re leaving but have no idea when you’re coming back but the excitement, the mixed feeling of fear and curiosity makes it worth it. Who knows what I’m getting myself into? Who knows what is gonna happen? Who knows how is gonna be? 

No one. 

And that leaves the answers completely free, up to me to make it a nice experience and up to me to make it a bad one and that, my friends, is the freedom everyone should be craving for.


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