Turning tides

So as I was sayin in the last post (which you can find here) I was kinda down and not feeling too nice mentally cause I had no idea where I was going and all that stuff something I also believe and always write about is that we should never give up and stop moving* and I didn’t!

And once again I got the confirmation of what I believe, something nice happened again. During today I got the opportunity to move again abroad, a place close to Dublin, Ireland, which I kinda know already and like. It’s nothing special, easy and temporary job in a hostel which is gonna give me the opportunity to actually find something nicer over there and then somewhere else and so on.
But wait, it’s actually super nice cause it’s giving me opportunities so let’s take this as another lesson, appreciate everything cause big or small it’s always something more, it always push you a lil bit more towards something.

Tho, before getting to excited I’m gonna confirm this is happening, first thing tomorrow.And even if not it’s still a sign that if you put effort stuff happens.

Cheers guys.
*Not gonna link anything here as if you just open a random post of mine you’ll find something.


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