I’m here again cause I wanted to spend a few words for a guy who really inspires me. Not inspire in a way that I wanna be like him or do what he does but seeing him doing what he loves is awesome cause it’s clear he’s putting all he’s got into it.

His name is Fabiano and he’s a musician, it’s not to advertise or anything cause I don’t like that stuff it’s just to show what I’m talking about; He’s both a bass player and a drummer but I’m gonna focus on the drums.
Couple of years ago I saw him playing and I was amazed by the energy but I thought it was quite normal, years after I realized it was not. I even saw him again a couple of days ago playing and he was still the same. Even in all the videos, the way he acts, the energy he puts in you can really see he’s into it, he’s putting his emotions into it.

And yes, I know, he can’t be the only one but whatever. At the end of the day it’s clear for everyone when someone likes what he does and believes in it or not, at the end of every single songs you can look at him and he really looks drained.

Just wanna say thanks and guys like that motivates and push to put everything I’ve got into what I’m doing and it’s always a pleasure.

You can get a glimpse of what I`m talking about here with one of my favourite ones, cheers guys 🙂



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