Fear of the unknown

Talking, or in this case writing, about a problem helps; helps realising it, accepting it and making you able to react better. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen.

This time topic is fear, fear in general, the fear of failure, the fear of traveling and, in my case, mostly fear of taking decisions. I like many things and would love to do even more but I’m afraid to actually decide one of them in particular so that I could focus and work towards it  because I could fail. Even more than the fear of failure, the fact that people believes in me and telling them I wanna do something in particular only to fail and disappoint them is blocking me.

Just by writing this I realize how retarded it must sounds. If they are so easily disappointed are they really people I should care about? I guess life is mostly about failing and then tryin again, not giving up. And if I care about them am I really sure they’d be disappointed rather than supportive and helping me get through it?

Super low expectations of people which is wrong.

Guys  in the end it’s fine to do mistakes, everyone does, what matters is how you act and react after them. I really can’t keep on stopping every time I’m facing a small wall.

Cause fear is what kills people and of course in not talking about physical death, I’m talking about your mind.

 It’s like a dark hole and the more you let her linger around the harder it gets to get out


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