Like peacocks showing off

I went for a walk with a friend yesterday and during the evening we kinda saw an old friend inside a museum, old friend with whom we`re not friends anymore cause reasons but I`m sayin this because the friend I was walking with started ranting about how this guy is always posting pics of food and fancy things and stuff and how he just wants to “show off”. I honestly don`t really care but it made me think.
A couple of days earlier I went out with friends and after a while we decided to head over a bar on a lake`s beach, a really nice place but, being it a Saturday, was full of lads*. Normally it doesn`t matter but what was weird was the kind of lads over there, all of them dressed the same, tight jeans and white/light blue shirt, just a few of them were drinking and almost no one was talking! Basically they were there in groups of 4/5 just showing off, looking at each other and showing the Facebook`s world they were in a cool place.
Gotta admit at first I was overwhelmed and tried to act cool and though and look at them but I realised how retarded that was, already enough dumb people and there`s no need to join them.
After that thought it actually became a lil funnier as I made visible my septum, went to grab a “London style drink” and just enjoyed my time with friends ain an actually nice place.

What I`d like to say is why does it even matter so much what people thinks or how nice are they dressed? What`s the point in showing off and tryin to appear super cool when in reality the substance, your inside are empty?
And I`m pretty sure if you`re reading this you`re like me so please, hold on and don`t become like them.

*Using lads over here instead of “people” as those were the exact example of what I imagine lads to act and look like, like peacocks showing off .


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