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I`m always feeling like I haven`t really wrote much about the Camino and it`s not like it`s wrong but there`s just so much to say about it, probably just didn`t have much “motivation” to do it so here I am.
Met a friend whom I`ve known for a while and like everyone he asked how it went and you know what? I went amazingly.

In a more detailed way and if I have to be honest it`s been an awesome experience but it didn`t change my life.
Most of the people I met/talked with over there told me the Camino changed their lifes and changed their mentality, more precisely it changed the way they saw things which is great don`t get me wrong! It`s just most of these people were people who almost never got out of their city so the only reality they knew was “small”.
I mean is not hard to see, you spend most of your life in your city, barely moving out of it and then you go on a 1 month journey across spain meeting people all over the world, mind blowing.

However let`s leave this for a while, I`m gonna write more about this later, and “focus” on me. It barely changed me, still got the same dreams and insecurities, the thing is, now, I`m fine with it.
I`m not a different person, I`m mostly the same, the biggest difference is that now I`m happy to be it.
Travelled a lil bit, spent some time here and there and got friends all over the world and made my experience, doing the Camino made me aware that, apart from millions of flaws, I`ve got qualities too and altough I`m not gonna ignore the bad things about me no one should make them the only things that represent them.


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