Motivational monday #2

Here I am again, and jumping right in today’s quote is:

There is greatness within you,
You just need to find it

This one come from my little brother, I have no idea where did he read it but I always tried to push him towards the “right choices”, I had just lost the job and out of nowhere he wrote me a message, it felt good. Realising he is actually not like the others was super nice.
The phrase is nice but the way I see it within all of us there is potential.
And hey, I’m not talking about the usual “scholastic phrase” teachers tell parents “your son has potential but he doens’t put effort in it”, I’m talking real potential, potential to be a good person, kind and with a good earth.
Everyone has the possibilities to have an impact on something.
Tho, not always is visible, sometimes is deeper down and harder to find but still there.
So for this week once again, get the fuck out of your comfort zone, reach your “limits” and get past them.
Life’s too short to not be lived at it’s fullest.


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