Motivational monday #1

In the attempt to get the blog a “stable” thing here’s the idea.
I’m going to motivate myself and whoever is gonna read it with a different quote and what it means to me every monday.
As the first quote it’s only fair I’m using the first one which really meant something to me and made start thinking.

Are you doing your best to be your best?

I first read this quote a couple of years ago and I still really like it, my objective, what keeps pushing me is the desire to be better, nothing in particular, just being a better persone.
Trying to find things you don’t like about yourself and doing your best to change them.
Are you doing your best, being completely honest with yourself are you putting lots of effort/energy in living your days?
And I don’t mean just living, noone is perfect and there’s always lots of room for improvement, when you go to sleep at night are you feeling satisfied? Cause if not you should ask yourself some questions.
So here’s a task for you reading this, you can start by small things but examine yourself, find something you don’t like and try to improve it.
Stating the obvious but even if it takes a lot of effort the feeling afterwards is priceless.
If you feel like it I’d be really curious to know about it, let me know!
And come back next monday for more inspirational stuff, till the next time.


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