Bad guys

Today I wasn’t really feeling nice while walking so I sat down for a little while and after a little bit a big group of scholars passed by and most of them were staring at me confused. A girl especially was even covering her mouth in shock. Just to clarify as many may think it was not cause I stank.

And for the first time in a very very long time I thought wtf I’m not the bad guy, why they staring? I do not speak Spanish but I managed to understand and it was all about my septum which for once was visible. After this little experience what I thought hit me like a train, I’m not the bad guy, I’m actually nice!

I probably may look like one but that doesn’t make me one, I spent way to much time thinking and pretending I was the bad/though guy for reasons still unknown that I convinced my subconscious that I was.

And of course there’s always been something wrong or something that didn’t click, I spent most of my time thinking and pretending to be someone I actually wasn’t.

This is totally outside my comfort zone but I’m nice, fuck you doubters!


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