Music abstinence 

You know what’s wrong? The whole fucking idea “I’m not gonna listen to music for a month” is wrong. I mean, what the hell I was thinking? 

In my case it’s like tryin to spend a month with a missing limb, of course it doesn’t feel right! Just imagine walking around with a missing arm, people all around you happily asking how’s life and you going like “oh y’know my arm is on holiday for a month but life’s great so far”.

Reason is I was curious to see how I would’ve coped with stuff and answer is I don’t.

I don’t listen to music cause I need to, I listen to it cause I want to. I listen to music cause life is to weird to be spent without a soundtrack. I listen to music cause it makes me feel good and and helps me remember because music itself is nice but when it has memories it literally jump to another level. Many people asked me why I love music this much, cause why not?

I listen to music because I love it and it keeps me alive. There’s a video I love where after a while there’s a girl which goes:

Some people believe in god I believe in music. Some people pray, I turn up the radio.

And you know what, if I wanna spend 6 hours a day doing it you can bet your ass off imma do it.


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