Importance of finding a balance

So this one guys, is for all of you having a bad time but mostly I’ll use it as a self motivation because sometimes we really just need someone to give us a nice pat on the back saying we are doing good.
We just need someone to tell us we are not that bad, we’re not as bad as we think we are.
Cause sometimes it gets harder and we really start to question ourself and we need someone to tell us that what we are doing is ok and it’s worth it.
So i’m here now guys, to me now is 5am after a long and shitty night, to push you a little bit towards the truth because yes, I said sometimes we need someone but no, we really don’t have to look that far caus that someone is each and everyone of you.
This guy’s brain is fucked you may say and I totally agree but focus here just a moment. Sometimes we are going through bad shit or all our efforts seem worthless so, there is literally no other person on earth who knows what are you going through or what are you feeling better than you cause you know, it’s you!
If I’d say it was easy that would probably one of the biggest lie evah, it really takes a shitload of efforts tho.
Careful here to not abuse it or get used to it cause it’s really easy to go from one side to the other, from striving for improvement and keeping your shiet together to just being happy for everything as it is.
I mean, yes you accomplished something and it’s fine to be happy for it but that should never stop you from realising that there will still be room for improvement cause that was just the first teeny tiny step of a huge and dangerous ladder.
Final advice, personally I think everyone should be happy for what they’ve done, big or small it may be, but also sad or regretful cause you could’ve done so much more or better and sad because there’s still a long way ahead of you.
Cheers 🙂


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