Personal rant about “Music experts”

I love music, honestly there is no other way to put it.
I mean, I love my family, I love my house and I even have a girlfriend but nothing goes beyond my love for music.
I jusr wanted to write down a personal rant as my girlfriend is spectating a singing competition as one of the judges and I’m kind of the extra random guy next to her. I’m amazed by some of the other judges here, there’s like a woman who works in a unknown radio, a professional opera singer and another man who I’m not sure what he’s doin here, and Im amazed by how they’ve got their heads shoved up high their asses.
Just to clarify, Im just a random music lover, a no one.
And let me explain it for you, I’m totally not saying they aren’t smart or anything but they are expecting to be listened and agreed with just based on the fact that they have some kind of title which, to me, is complete bullshit.
I mean, yes you studied but if you say something really stupid arrogantly it stays stupid, a title doesn’t make you smarter than me.
Kind of enough for now and let’s go back enjoying music.
Sorry for the long rant but guys it’s already been a hour and I wanna punch everyone in here.


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