A Love Letter Of Bromance

I kind of feel the need writing this, which is totally gonna sound like a love declaration but it`s not, as I actually never told him how grateful I feel. So let`s write this down and I`m going to dedicate this to one of the best person i`ve ever met, as a matter of fact you`re probably at the top of the list and believe me it`s not an easy ladder to climb.
I also had to really push me back to writing stuff as I`m not accomplishing anything with my life right now.
So, let`s call him Giorgio for now cause he doesn`t know I`m doing this and you know, privacy and shiet.
I`ve been in London for 1 year and I met him around june i think, I was working as a receptionist and he was doing like a “stage” as the event guy at my hostel, he was the person endorsed with the organisation of the nights with the guest and if he didn`t mind also helping at the reception.
Gotta say the first day he was there was complete garbage, he was “helping” me entertaining the guests waiting to be served and occasionally checking them in, was a particularly busy day but I swear to god during that day I would rather been alone than with him cause in like 2 hours or less he fucked up so awfully bad my 9 hours shift.
And of course when I finished he was already gone out and I was so glad it ended I was like Oh cmon, who`s this guy now, coming here and messing everything up?
During the next couple of days he would come, gather people, drink at the hostel and then leave leaving a huge mess behind for us to clean, got me so mad in those days.
Then one night when I was off he insisted for me to join them and it happend, we drank and went out. Was a great night nothing to say, it probably was me, him and other 9 people and he`s been a great drinking mate.
So for the next couple of weeks we kind of went out every night, get smashed every night and talked about it the next day and I was sure we settled to “drinking friends”, god if I was wrong and honestly? I so glad I was.
One of the next days during the afternoon we got a couple of drinks and it was just me and him talking and chilling and it wasn`t like deep talks but was great just chatting about the future plans.
Plot twist, turns out he is an awesome guy!
And slowly we got closer, it was always us with random people from the hostel going out but after the club me and him would go and get food, completely hammered and making jokes.
So in London but even more in a hostel I found a stable person, a guy I saw almost every day and I shared great drunk memories with, felt good.
Needless to say we got our ups and downs as I changed job and could go out less and less but I would still see him almost every night drinking at the hostel, we would look at each other and smile.
No need for hug, brofist or all that stuff cause we knew deep down.
Have to admit, sometimes I would think I was just a random guy from the hostel myself and it felt bad but you know, can`t do anything about it.
And often he would come and we would sit next to each other and just talk again, not the usual cheap talks about the night and what we were gonna drink but more like when someone ask how are you and he cares about the answer.
Honestly all my best nights out have been with him and they`ve been great, we often talked about memories.
Something I often found myself thinking about was how short life is and how important is to have something to remember when we get old and finding someone I could relate to or I could share my thoughts with was so satisfying I can`t even describe, we understood each other.
I`m talking directly yo you big black bitch cause I`m totally showing this to you, you inspired me.Period.

I have no idea where to start saying thanks cause I would start now and go on for a couple of days but to make it short you`re a great guy and you were the first one to actually push me to be a better man, to travel and in general to strive for improvement.
Needless to say I`ve got beautiful memories that I`ll always do my best to keep them close, might be far away but not forgotten.
There`s actually a couple of things I`m gonna regret, like not having more nights out and not telling you all of this before but I realised how much I cared only leaving, I knew I cared about you but I had no idea it was this much, I had honestly no idea I would miss someone this much but, caption this, I`ll see you again.
It`s been complete garbage leaving mostly cause of you, thanks, and the only thought that made the departure bearable was thinking that I`ll be back.
You`re an awesome guy, do not dare letting anyone telling you you`re not and do not dare slacking or not be awesome in general cause I`m gonna find you wherever you are.
Leaving Italy the first time was hard cause I was leaving my family and friends, coming to London I might have left my house for a while but I surely found a brother I`ll never leave.
Close to the end I realised that it didn`t actually matter if for you I was a random guy from the hostel because to me we were bonded, an alcholic bond of bromance.
There is still so much I would like to tell you but I can`t.
I love you man, and I miss you, a lot,
Be good.


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  1. First things first my friend, I am sorry I messed up your 9 hour shift on my first day working at the hostel. However I am so happy it was your shift I ruined because that was the start of a beautiful friendship. I wont dwell on the process of how we became friends as you already put it in better words than I could. I just wanted to say thank you man. Thank you for the great times, thank you for being so open minded, thank you for inspiring me to push myself as well, thank you for being there for me over the past year. There are millions more things I could thank you for but the main thing I want to thank you for is simply for being my friend for life. I know we haven’t lived our whole lives yet, but I know I will always be great friends with you man. In fact I’m wrong, you’re my brother man and family is for life. I only ask for one thing from you bro, and that is that you keep seeking adventure. Do not grow comfortable with the status quo, always look for ways in which you can improve and in doing that remember to go and see the world. There is a quote I love, it will remind you to always seek adventure and new experiences bro, it goes a little something like this: ‘a ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for’. You are not built for the harbour so make sure you keep sailing. Thank you for your kind words. I will always be here for you and support you. Your friend Giorgio.


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