So there we are guys, coming back has been something surreal, I knew perfectly that it would`ve been hard but just imagine, after a year you go back home and you have to sleep on the couch for the first two days before moving in your brother`s room and kind of sleep on the floor.Felt like shiet but I`m moving again and this time I`m going in a small apartmenent my family owns so it`s going to be fine.

And I don`t know, altough is quite nice to be back, saw my family my friends and all in all we can say is so much easier living at home than abroad/alone, I`ve seen the other side, I`ve tasted living alone and how satisfying it is, leaving aside the complete freedom so yes, I came back but it won`t be for too long. I`ve still in mind to travel but before going on to the next adventure I really needed to make peace with home, speaking with friends back in London they put some doubts in me and I realized I kind of had to discover something. I had to discover the reason, wheter I want to travel just for the sake of travelling, cause I love to or if I am travelling because I`m running away from something, being home in this case.

I was so scared to come back cause you know, was probably true. I`m not saying it`s easy but I truly believe we souldn`t be running away from things but throught them and I should be the first one to follow my advice so here I am.



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