Early Departures

 It`s taking a lot of effort writing this because when you write something down or you tell someone you care about a decision it kind of gets more real.
I mean it`s weird but I have to start to realise and accept the fact that im leaving.
I`ve been in this beautiful city which is London for the past year, working, partying and drinking, especially drinking, and I kind of wanna see something else, I miss my family man, I miss my little brother soooo much.
It`s been 2 weeks pretty much now that i`ve been saying to some others people that i wanted to leave around the 23rd and now shit just got real.
It`s been so hard for me but guys I actually made it, I bought my one way flight back to Italy and the thing is like since I kept postponing this thing I got the ticket for Tuesday which is 4 freaking days away.
Was honestly panicking and heavy breathing pretty hard while booking but eventually it got better and I`m here sitting in the same armchair after like 15 hours (not even joking) and haven`t been to sleep yet cause I`m lost, I feel completely and utterly lost.
For the past year this has been my center, I`ve got my habits, the people I`m used to see and my kind of routine and trying to imagine me back home feels so weird.
Don`t get me wrong guys, I`m not saying that I don`t wanna go home.
Love this place and the people here and I also love my home but leaving my home to come here in the first place was so much easier compared to this because I knew even if I was leaving the place I would go back there eventually after some time while
leaving from here meh I`ve got no idea.
I`m leaving this place knowing that I`ll probably come back sometimes for holiday but not to do something like I did before which is realy scary cause this period,
this experience is finished, bam end of the line, I`ve officially won this challenge
and I know have to move on.
And I perfectly know it I`m just a really emotional person and leaving is always so goddam shiet.
At the same time I love to travel so I cant stand being in the same place for a lot of time, I get bored really easily so guys do me a favor, If you`ve got a dream just
follow it cause it`s worth it.
Like summer 2014 I came here with a couple of friends and on our last night I posted a status on Facebook which was exactly:
Guys leave me here, I don`t ever wanna leave this place. Daydreaming.
And last year, you know Facebook has got this thing where it shows you the memories of the past year which happened every day, I woke up one day, after like 6 or 7 months I was here, to this Status provided by my Facebook.
And I was like oh ye man, I made it.
Thats what I`m trying to make people understand cause we are way to scared, you want to do something? Just do it.
It`s going to be hard, It`s gonna feel like shiet and It`s gonna take a while but oh god once you made it or reached whatever you wanted to accomplish It`s so goddam worth.
It`s so scary but at the same time is so freaking exciting, let`s go on a new adventure.



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